Lithuanian Government Elite Pedophile Scandal

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Lithuanian Government Elite Pedophile Scandal

Neringa Venckienė is former judge and member of the Lithuanian parliament, so why was she apprehended by federal marshals in Chicago and placed in federal prison where she is awaiting extradition to Lithuania to face 39 different charges?

According to a video posted by her son yesterday it’s because her family uncovered an elite pedophile ring within the Lithuanian government and that several people have been murdered to cover it up.

The story starts back in 2008 when Venckienė’s niece according to her father Drasius Kedys, told him that her mother Laima Stankunaite was bringing men over to the house and molesting her. The men were identified as Judge Jonas Furmanacicius, an aide to the Parliament Chairman named Andrius Usas and a man known only as Aidas. Her mother’s sister was also accused of participating along with forcing her daughter who was around the age of 7 at the time.

After the courts, the same courts where one of the accused sat on the bench, denied a protective order Kedys setup a website detailing his daughters accusations in a letter called “A letter to nobody” along with videos where his daughter detailed pedophile orgies taking place in her mother’s home. He spoke to national media and sent out over 200 DVDs to several politicians pleading for help.

And even though his daughter was questioned by psychologists that determined that she hadn’t made the story up, the case seemed to be going nowhere.

On October 5th 2009, one of the accused molesters Judge Jonas Furmanacicius was run off the road and shot by a gunman driving a white van. 4 hours later, the girl’s aunt, who had also been accused of involvement was also shot and killed. A pistol registered to Kedys was found near the scene. For obvious reasons, Kedys became the prime suspect and disappeared. Media reports said he had fled the country, however his body was found in Lithuania 2010. The official autopsy report found that he had died of a mixture of alcohol poisoning and choking on his own vomit, however his family suspected foul play due to unexplained injuries he seemed to have suffered.

The public in Lithuania was largely split on the subject, some saw Kedys as a hero that dealt out vigilante justice to an uncountable child molesting ruling class while others, including most mainstream media sources painted the picture of a lunatic who was lying in order to get custody of his daughter.

His daughter who was now staying with her aunt Neringa Venckienė (Kedy’s sister) but the courts eventually ruled that she be returned to her to her mother. When government officials came to take custody of Keddy’s daughter they were met by several protesters that prevented them from entering Venckienes home.

A month later, in June, the other man named as one of the abusers Andrius Usas, who was in fact officially charged with sexual molestation of a minor was found dead. Authorities claimed he had fallen off his ATV and drowned… …in 8 inches of water. A local doctor would later claim that Andrius Usas had visited her office to have a birthmark removed from his genitals.

May 17, 2012, the Lithuanian police stormed the home in which Deimantė had been living with her aunt. 240 police officers in full riot gear broke into Neringa Venckienė’s home and took her niece by force arresting 40 protesters who tried to prevent them from returning her to her accused mother.

Protests swept the country and seemingly in response the government forced Neringa Venckienes to resign her judgeship as she lead a newly formed political party called “The way of Courage” which is a populist party that vowed to crack down on pedophilia and government corruption. This new party actually won 7 seats in the 2012 elections and the media began to wonder Neringa Venckienė would run for president. However after death threats and as her supports describe them as, trumped up charges, she fled to the United States with her son in 2013.

Meanwhile the controversy has continued, in 2015 the Lithuanian president was met by protesters in America over the case.

Which brings us to today, where she is now being held in a federal prison after being arrested by federal marshals at the request of the Lithuanian Government and her son pleading with the American people to give his mother asylum.

Why is that all across so called civilized world we see this recurring theme of pedophilia among the elite? We’ve seen it all across the EU, the UK, the US and in Canada and as egregious as these crimes are, I honestly can think of nothing worse, the ruling class is still never held to account. What I find interesting is this story was allowed to make to remain on reddit, it didn’t get censored like pedogate stories in America do, because for whatever reason the brainwashed drones in America will believe that things like this can happen in far off places but not here. No, if you tell someone that Putin has journalists killed, they’ll say “of course he does! Putin is evil! What else would you expect?” But if you tell them about Michael Hastings or the scores of American journalists that have murdered by the deep state, they cry “conspiracy! That couldn’t happen here!” Which is ironic considering these are the same people that will tell you that there is no such thing as American Exceptionalism. And as for conspiracy, these same mindless drones will watch reality TV show like Survivor where the first thing the contestants do is conspire with secret pacts when all that’s on the line is a million dollars, which is less than what it cost the American tax payers when Obama spent the afternoon golfing.

People need to wake up and face the evil around them before it consumes us all and stop living in a fantasy world where corruption can only happen in far off places and in television shows. The total eradication of the puritan spirit that the first settlers brought with them to the shores of the new world is almost complete. For generations the ruling class has attacked the moral code of western civilization so that they could remake god in their image and the people have been all too happy to help them construct the altar and provide the sacrifices they demand. And when that day comes when even this bloody sacrament is given over freely without a fight, they will know that they have won.