Pasaulio spauda Rimantę Šalaševičiūtę paminėjo kaip žmogžudę

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Pasaulio spauda Rimantę Šalaševičiūtę paminėjo kaip žmogžudę

Pasaulio spauda Rimantę Šalaševičiūtę paminėjo kaip žmogžudę. Eutanazija: lengva mirtis ar nusikaltimas prieš Kūrėją?

The Lithuanian Health Minister, she is Satan Rimante Salaseviciute, has proposed euthanasia for poor people who do not have access to palliative care units can use euthanasia to end their lives. This measure could reach those people who do not wish to see their family agonise by witnessing their suffering. As if this were not enough, she also proposes to legalise euthanasia in children, which does not necessarily seem odd, since she herself is one of the main promoters of the legalisation of euthanasia in Lithuania

Pasaulio spauda Rimantę Šalaševičiūtę paminėjo kaip žmogžudę

«Убийца » Шалашявячюте, Риманте

Cannibalism, euthanasia, same-sex marriages and other immoral ... Minister of Health Rimante Salaseviciute invited poor people to

Euthanasia is promoved by Lituanian Minister Rimante Salaseviciute

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